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Moose Bank
We play EVE Online M,W,&F. We also play World of Warships, final Fantasy XIV, and Ark, among others.

Stream Schedule:
Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sat 7:30pm-10:30pm EST
Raff About it's stream is a viewer-oriented show. I play a variety of games, with my main focus being EvE Online. You are welcome to speak up in chat, join a few of us on Teamspeak during the show, and play any game along with us. Join me 5 days of the week!
All streaming schedules provided are a subject of change, they might be shortened or canceled.

Streaming schedule
Wednesday to Sunday
12:30 - 18:30
I am just an average gamer and I like to involved in social aspects of games like guilds and such. I play various different games including but not limited to: League of Legends, Path of Exile, Albion Online, World of Warcraft, Wurm Online, Phantasy Star Online 2, Terraria, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Borderlands 1 & 2, Ragnarok Online, Gauntlet, EVE Online, and many more.
I'm an aspiring speed runner just starting up with streaming. Games I play include Final Fantasy 4, Eve Online, Ark: Survival Evolved and an assortment of other retro games.
Chronic Gamer TV
I play mostly sandbox, mmo, rpg and new games when possible. My focus is on the community and engaging and interacting with chat! Feel free to ask me anything and participate in our conversations about upcoming and current games that I play!
Scared Panda
I never got to play video games that I wanted to when I was little so I’m making up for lost time. Current obsessions are EVE Online and League of Legends. If there is something you want to see me play, let me know and I will go from there!
Creative Streamer
Waffle 418
The Ravyn
I am a former United States Marine and now a graphic/web designer. I enjoy most types of games and will try anything if it seems interesting. I prefer games that can be pretty in depth, but do enjoy the ones that I can jump on and play for an hour or so and jump off. I'm new to the whole streaming thing, so at the moment, it's just a casual thing, but who knows.

This streamer does not maintain a regular streaming schedule.
Jaithorn 24
Current mission:
Educate new Players
Form new friendships with fellow gamers
Showcase my 'tard moments.
Have fun in a chilled and casual gaming experience.

Fanfest 2016

Fanfest 2016


Yeah this is happening ...

This weekend is set to see one of the largest engagements of independent capsuleers in the history of New Eden as Circle-Of-Two and their allies look to defend a Keepstar class citadel against an attacking force that numbers in the thousands.

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Who will be going next year? ...

What an epic moment! We can't wait for next year. Thank you! Dates & venue for EVE Vegas 2017 will be announced at EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik this coming April.

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Moose House Show shared EVE Online's post. ...

With the influx of new players in EVE: Online Ascension, it's time once more to show some Empire pride. Like/Share the picture of your favorite Empire and tell everyone why they are the best in the comments.

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